RTW 2022-2023

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t dream of permanently going on vacation?

Realistically, the most many of us can do is take a few weeks at a time, even that counts as being privileged. Unless you’re a digital nomad with a steady source of income, we all gotta try different ways of achieving our dreams.


Since I’m currently self employed in the food industry, I’m not exactly tech savvy, although I plan to slowly learn all the basics of coding, just enough for my knowledge. And living in Malaysian Borneo means that our exchanged rate is sadly on the short end.

So my plan is to save up for 5 years, and then jet off on a round-the-world (RTW) trip for 52 weeks on a budget (not shoestring). Which is about the year 2022 (if I have enough funds). I estimate that I’ll need MYR 100K to travel and include all the activities I wish to do.

I’ve made a rough itinerary of where I’m planning to go.


Japan (2 weeks)

China + Hong Kong (4 weeks)

Taiwan (1 week)

Sri Lanka (1 week)

India (4 weeks)

Nepal (2 weeks)


Jordan (2 weeks)

Israel (2 weeks)


Egypt (2 weeks)


Cyprus (1 week)

Turkey (2 weeks)

Greece (2 weeks)

Eastern Europe (6 weeks)

Iceland (2 weeks)


United States of America (5 weeks)


Mexico (1 week)

Cuba (1 week)


Ecuador (2 weeks)

Peru (2 weeks)

Bolivia (2 weeks)

Chile (2 weeks)


New Zealand (2 weeks)

Fiji (2 weeks)

There you have it! A foot in every continent! Let’s see how things play out in 5 years time!



4 thoughts on “RTW 2022-2023

  1. If you’re considering the Trans Mongolian Railway, I’d love to join you on your China leg. My rough itinerary: Xi’an-Jiayuguan-Dunhuang-Turpan-Urumqi 😛
    Would you be interested to expand your Asia tour to the Stans?

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