Just so I don’t forget. Although, if you forget does it mean it wasn’t that important enough for you in the first place? 

Hmm… Whatever, I’ll still write it down. If not for me, for posterity. I’ll update it periodically. 

Antiquity Manmade Landmarks:

1. Angkor Wat Complex, Cambodia ✔

2. Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

3. Macchu Picchu, Peru

4. Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

5. Lohagad Fort, India

6. Harihar Fort, India

7. Great Wall, China

8. Petra, Jordan
Modern Manmade Landmarks:

1. Burj Khalifa, Dubai

2. Eiffel Tower, France

3. St. Peter’s Basilica, Italy

4. Churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia 

5. Dome of the Rock, Israel

6. Azadi Tower, Iran

7. Statue of Liberty, USA
Natural Landmarks

1. Piruk Sandukui, Indonesia

2. Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia

3. Julan Waterfall, Malaysia

4. Half Dome, USA

5. Dawn Wall, USA

6. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

7. Darvaza Gas Crater, Turkmenistan

8. Musandam Peninsula, Oman

9. Tepui of Roraima, Venezuela

1. Everest Base Camp, Nepal

2. Camino del Santiago, Spain 

3. Pacific Crest Trail, USA