It’s mighty morphin’ time!

When Power Rangers the movie came out, I didn’t know what to feel or expect. I mean this is an iconic franchise that impacted my childhood! I can safely say kids of the 90s know what it feels like to see these costumed superheroes battle it out onscreen with their glorious Zords.

My siblings and I used to collect some of the Zords and figurines when we were younger. Now all gone of course, regretfully.

Anyway, the movie fulfils my expectations. Revamped for the newer generation with more exotic looking suits and Zords, it plays on the themes of good vs evil and friendship. Eveb though the movie was halfway through before the full costumes and Zords made an appearance, I’m glad they took time to flesh out the characters and build an almost believable bond of friendship between the five protagonists. 

Some of the subtle jokes seemed geared to adults while some scenes pandered to children. It feels like a movie that didn’t know whether to focus on adults or kids. The teen drama especially those surrounding each characters families and motivations made the characters so much more relatable. I actually felt tears brimming to the soundtrack of the movie at a pivotal moment at the end of the second act.

I’m hopeful there will a sequel. 

I give it a 4 out of 5. Well rounded, slightly cheesy but well made movie. CGI looks a bit cheapish in some parts but at least it ain’t Michael Bay trash. Not yet.


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