Gardening rock climber

I went rock climbing.

Yes, that incredibly exhilarating, painful and terrifying experience in equal measure. I learnt about belaying, basics and what it takes to rock climb regularly. Unfortunately Kuching only has one rock climbing gym so I’m still torn about signing up.

I first saw the news about Alex Honnold free soloing El Capitan and that created an urge I cannot explain. Not that I’ll ever free solo, but total respect to all rock climbers out there! I’m using muscles that otherwise would be for leaning against the tabletop.

One day while obssesively watching online videos of pro rock climbers, I stumbled on a few videos about permaculture.

Thus began my love affair with a new hobby. Permaculture or permanent agriculture strives to create a self sustainable food farm without the use of artificial pesticides and fertilizers. Incorporating key principles in permacultures founded in the 80s, it’s basically organically farming in a way that complements the conditions of the location and interdependence between different species.

The grounds of my home is huge, but the soil is waterlogged due to bad drainage. I’m trying out the raised bed method and buying soil and compost. I’ve even made a compost heap!

Phase 1 is the planting of herbs and perennials. As well as pruning unruly trees, clearing weeds and fixing bad soil.

I hope it all turns out well. There’s now new kaffir lime tree, chillies, ginger torch, etlingera and galangal as well as pumpkins. The weather has been erratic so I hope I can get the basics done soon.


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