Giam Waterfall with Piggy

It was a public holiday, with plenty of sunshine, and buzzing energy. The while family decided to do a picnic at the nearest waterfall to our suburban home.

Located in Kampung Giam, a Bidayuh village, it is surrounded by steep limestone peaks and lush jungle. In its heyday it was famous picnic spot because of the proximity to major urban areas. But annual drownings due to headwaters, whirpools and inept swimmers made this quiet but beautiful spot an infamous locale. Now there is even a signboard that says people are discouraged from swimming there.

To enjoy your time, it’s imporfant to exercise general outdoors common sense and caution. If raining avoid going. Don’t challenge yourself against the deep currents. Make sure to keep an eye out for each other.

This is the first time one of my puppies, Piggy, followed into the wild so you could tell he was terrified. He thought we are going to the vet! He soon settled nice to exploring and lazing around as much as we did.

Aside from broken glass in the riverbed that thankfully isn’t sharp because it has been shaved and worn by currents, along with a few assorted odds and ends, it’s a relatively accesible spot for a few hours of relaxing fun.

No entrance fee is required. You can search for it on Google Maps. Otherwise on the road to Borneo Highlands, you will see a signboard that says Kampung Giam. Just follow the small road. If lost try asking the locals. You’ll hear rushing waters and arrive at a giant hall where you can park your car.


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