It’s the 21st century dammit

Most people know me as a taciturn person. The select few that I’ve grown to trust enjoy a mostly enjoyable relationship centred on current issues, life, food and intellectual pursuits.

I don’t have time for fools. I suffer them once and avoid them forever. I believe it is our individual duty to aspire to be better. Not mired in a cesspool of ignorance and blind faith. There are times I wish I am more congenial, although with age I have grown to at least attempt to be friendly enough when the occasion beckons.

I enjoy the solitude of my rambling mind and the companionship of a qualified fellow man (or woman). The abstract attracts and stimulates me in ways the physical never can. Inane is a word I despise.

As my eyes scan the headlines everyday, I become increasingly disheartened by the content and clickbait titles. Malaysian news outlets are horribly biased, especially primetime news. Some days I could just delete my Twitter or Facebook account if not for the accessibility of information.

What happened to the aspirations of our forebears, that we grow and learn? That knowledge and the world is not something to be feared? As tremendous the strides we make in technology and health, as a species we seem to have devolved intellectually, feeding on garbage media and fake news.

I live in a country where the PM has been accused of grand corruption and nepotism, where the so-called Opposition are fighting it out amongst themselves for more power, where religious and racial sentiments are being played on for the sake of political mileage, with a recessive economy and disgruntled young adults who do nothing but complain (I know the irony of this statement).

Sometimes I despair over the cruelty of man and the hopelessness of continuing the fight for enlightenment and truth. 

Will we ever achieve a Renaissance?


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