The Way by Emilio Estevez

I’m an avid movie buff. I watched this movie yesterday with no expectations. And it’s a charming, quiet, sometimes funny and tragic movie about a man who walked the Camino de Santiago in lieu of his deceased son.

I’ve heard about the Camino, not least from Paulo Coelho’s The Pilgrimage. It’s a long walk through Spain to the Church of St. James of Compostela. It has been a jiurney made by pilgrims for centuries, and the landscape as they hike through the countryside is gorgeous and wistful.

I thought it might have a heavy religious theme but the story is less about the trials of Christian pilgrims, and more baggages on the human soul trying to be shed on the said hike.

Coupled with an interesting (albeit sometimes annoying cast), the star is Martin Sheen, playing the bereaved father who scatters the ashes of his son along the way. The characterization is made all the more tragic by his stoic acceptance of what he must do and hia determination to do it in a bid to honor his estranged son.

A beautiful movie. Some sarcastic social commentary. There are some cheesy moments of light hearted fun, but the dark moments rounds it off nicely. Like the soundtrack too.



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