I was feeling a bit cynical when I wrote that. Although my cynicism has abated somewhat from the existential crisis of my mid 20s. Learning to let go has been a liberating experience. 

Happiness can be a superficial thing nowadays. I can curate a perfect life on my social media for my friends and the world to see. Constant exposure to #blessed, #liveauthentic or #iwokeuplikethis will bound to turn even Elmo into a depressed drug user.

I can’t blame other people for posting happy thoughts, experiences and wishes wherever they may choose to. It is their prerogative. I’m no feudal lord dictating the life of his serfs and lieges. What I can do, and have done, is limit said exposure to an absolute minimum. 

But I digress. Yes, happiness of the material kind can be bought. It certainly makes attaining better experiences easier. 

The small things are free though. The smile of my contented Other, the stars like carelessly strewn diamonds across the midnight sky, the loud roar of a plane taking off overhead, the yap of my over excited canid greeting me as I open the gates.

Hashtag blessed indeed. 


2 thoughts on “#blessed 

  1. We think maintaining a positive outlook in life is important. There will be many many years to experience angst and sorrow. Posting happy thoughts may well be a shield for some, but if we can all help lift others then it will make a difference!

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