Eating in Sarawak

My life is intrinsically linked with food. The nature of my upbringing. But I could say it’s a national obsession this wonder for food. So much so I’ve made a career out of it. 

For those not familiar with Malaysian, specifically Sarawak cuisine, it is a chaotic pot of cultures and influences relying mostly on local produce. (Asians made locavore a thing before Westerners did anyway). 
You get the hearty Chinese dishes alongside spicy Malay delicacies, married with fragrant  indigenous Dayak selections. 

A signature Chinese dish is Kolo Mee, springy egg noodles tossed with shallot infused pork lard, topped with barbequed pork and minced pork, accompanied by vinegared chopped chillies.

Laksa, another Sarawakian Chinese invention is made from a paste of 20 over herbs and spices, combined in a rich and spicy coconut broth, served with vermicelli, egg strips, prawn and cilantro, with shrimp paste and local lime on the side. 

Borneo being the 3rd largest island in the world has plentiful seafood. A local version of ceviche is called Umai, made with raw fish or prawn ‘cooked’ in lime juice, onions and a bursting kick from bird’s eye chilli. 

Finally, in what is the poster boy of Sarawakian food is inarguably Manok Pansoh, chicken stewed inside a bamboo with tapioca leaves, garlic, ginger torch and a variety of jungle herbs. Also made with pork and fish.
I don’t have all the pictures. Maybe I’ll post them up as I go along and eat breakfast.


3 thoughts on “Eating in Sarawak

  1. Ah food. You know the southern Chinese folks who migrated to southeast Asia greet each other with “have you eaten well”…so that tells one how important food is in the culture!


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