Today’s my birthday. It does slowly feel, as the years advance, birthdays aren’t something I try to attach too much significance to. Just another day. 

This year I’m trying something different though. I’m making a resolution on my birthday instead of the new year. Because as much as I try to stay unaffected by the passage of time, there is still a sliver of friction left behind as the night of the 8th fade into the dawn of the 9th.

So here it goes. 

I want to take more pictures with my brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, a gift from Him. 

I want to write a bit more than before. Whether it be blogging or a book.

I want to start working out and hiking again. I’ve let myself go a little bit too much these past few months. 

Finally, I’m going to work my ass off to save up for that elusive RTW trip.

The first dawn of my 28th birthday.


2 thoughts on “28

  1. Well first of all Happy Birthday, belated as it may be.
    And second, do write. Write in advance, make many drafts – of different topics that pop in your head. They don’t have to be completed immediately. Leave them and come back when you have more inspiration!
    And yes, do go on a journey!

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