Thailand Leg 2016

Arriving in KL from our overnight sleep in an airport mosque on the island of Sumatra, we felt anything but energetic. However, there is one thing that got us both energetic.

Food. Malaysian food. Familiar, delicious Malaysian food.

Okay okay, I’m all for keeping an open mind and all, and daresay I do eat almost anything (chicken foetus and honeydew is at the bottom of the pile). But Sumatran food, specifically Padang food, for a week, was an assault on my tender across the Strait senses. It was good, if not a bit monotonous. And the sweetness level of breakfast beverages at the local waroeng? I’m surprised I didn’t anchor a sugar syrup baggie intravenously when I left the island.

So, for our next leg, it’s Thailand!

We landed in Krabi, where we spent 2 days. I for one was excited because I finally get to eat authentic Thai food. Living in Penang for 2 years meant that exposure to Southern Thai cuisine didn’t make the experience too jarring. The continuous stream of glutinous rice was a bit much though. I like plain old white rice.


We moved on to one of the most popular islands on the Banana Pancake Trail, Koh Phi Phi where we did nothing but hike, eat, drink and swim. We didn’t take any of the tours to Maya Bay and such since it was out of our budget, so we stuck to exploring the island in its entirety. I have to say it’s a nice place to enjoy a lot of sun, but it can be a bit overwhelming with the massive younger crowd lobsterizing under the blistering sun. Coming from Sumatra, the cost of everything on this party gem was staggering.

I had my first experience of a really good Thai massage here. Affordable, friendly and beyond qualified.

After 4 days of island sun, we moved on to Bangkok and took the overnight bus. Arriving in Bangkok in the wee hours of the morning, we slumped into our hostel in Silom.

We came for Songkran and shopping, what else? The temples were awesome though, but the prolonged drought and crazy heat made walking outside in the concrete jungle quite faint inducing. Songkran itself was a welcome relief, as it was my first experience with the Thai New Year.

And gogo boys along Soi Twilight in Silom.

Quite interesting.

On our final day in Thailand we took a train headed towards Aranyaprathet, the border town near Cambodia.


It was a stuffy train ride, but hey, it was cheap. I spent the time falling in and out of a heat induced delirium sleep.


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